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Mail-in your Hoverboard for repair

Tiggar’s Computer Repair LLC
Att: Hoverboard scooter Dept
2445 Flat shoals rd
Atlanta GA 30349

Give us a call with the tracking # once you shipped your console to us. Please remember to write down your return shipping address and your contact number on a piece of paper, just put it in side of the shipping package

We can repair your broken Hover Board at an affordable price very fast . We only use quality parts to ensure that your Hover Board last and run smooth. We can also convert your non bluetooth  Hover board  to bluetooth  so you can listen to your favorite music while you riding in style.

As you may know there are some cheap Hover board that is not safe to ride or  keep in your house . It is very hard to tell the different between the cheap one and the good one because the only way to tell you have to take the scooter apart . what make the cheap scooter so dangerous that’s because they installed the Heat sink next to the battery, the purpose of the heat sink is  for absorbing excessive or unwanted heat from the scooter Main Logic Board so the scooter don’t get over heat it. so the dangerous come is when the heat sink get too hot and melt the battery plastic cover and then eventually the scooter will exploded and catch in fire.

We offer inspection to find out if your scooter safe to ride or not and modification service to make your scooter safe to ride and ease your mind. The Inspection fee is  $25 if your scooter is not safe to ride we can rebuilt your scooter to make it safe for a very good price. We are the Atlanta number #1 Hover Board scooter repair shop give us a call at 404 453 7984 for a free quote.

Below is a list of some of the Hoverboard repair we offer :

. Fix Gyroscope

. Fix Motherboard

. Battery Replacement

. Fix Led power Indicator

. Fix Led Side Lights

. Fix charger Port

. Fix Logic Board

. Fix Wheel Motor

. Bluetooth and speaker

. Replace metal frame

. Replace shell cover

hoveboard      Left scooter safe to ride,                                                  Scooter on the right note safe to ride


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  1. Chris Miller

    great site the owners know how to grow their business! great store and repair shop have brought computers and i phones for repairs and been satisfied every time


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